How to find out T&T on online Canton Fair booth

Oct 14th, 2021

Dear Clients,

The 130th online Canton Fair is coming! Do you miss your reliable supplier Qingdao T&T Homewares Co.,Ltd?  Are you longing to review our new products?  Come on! Follow my steps.

Step 1.  

Please click below link to browse Qingdao T&T online Canton Fair exhibition

Step 2.

Please sign in if you would like to check the products or live stream details further

Step 3. 

If you succeed logging on 127th - 129th online Canton Fair, you can directly log by your original account. 

Though forgetting the password,  you can get it back by verification code on registered phone or e-mail

If you are a new face for online Canton Fair, please register by following two methods

Method A.



Method B.

Note: If you succeed logging on or you are browsing the online Canton Fair, please search Qingdao T&T to get into our page.

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